Fascinated with confident women who change the world little by little by following their hearts and chasing their ambitions, we started Luwos to inspire confidence within more strong and independent women.

We want to create a world shop in which women are empowered to chart their own path, go after their dreams, fashion, and become the best version of themselves. No matter if it’s reaching fitness goals, achieving career growth, or starting a project that they have been dreaming of for a long time, we want to inspire women like you to be strong, to feel independent, and to go after their heart’s desire.

Your clothes should highlight the best attributes of your body and make you feel like a million bucks regardless of your size. Your clothes should give you freedom of movement and provide comfort while you’re on the way to achieve your goals.

That’s where we come in.

Luwos provides comfortable, stylish, and high-quality wardrobe essentials for incredible women who continue to inspire us and our collections. Our clothes are designed for all body types because we believe beauty comes from within, so you can wear our collection with confidence, no matter if you’re a size XS or 3XL.

Our collections are carefully picked to ensure that they are suitable for icomfortable to wear all day, all the while being a stylish addition to your wardrobe.

We are more than a simple clothing store online

We are a brand that, aspires to change to beter your life

We are changing the style and world of women

We are a team that aims to empower more women.

We are a collection that celebrates all body types.

We are Luwos