Extremely comfortable, universal and always on time - these are women's leggings. With their help, we can create many styles that will be suitable not only for training. Well-chosen, high-quality leggings can also be worn outside of your apartment or gym and without fear of committing a fashionable faux-pas. Originally they were only available in the classic black version, but they evolved quickly, appearing on the market in various color variants varied with interesting patterns. Interest in leggings increased significantly when celebrities became the "ambassadors" of this outfit, including Madonna, Jane Fonda and Rihanna. Nowadays, this item of clothing can be seen not only in sports stylizations, but also in casual and elegant sets. Models for various occasions can be found in the offers of UK brands on leggings. Check and you will certainly find something suitable for you!

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Sport leggings
Regardless of whether you are a regular visitor to the gym, or do sports only amateur, you definitely need a comfortable outfit. For this purpose, sports leggings are perfect, where you can train without any obstacles. Thanks to the fact that they are fitted to the figure, they do not restrict movement. It's best to choose high-quality leggings that also have antibacterial and breathable properties. You can bet on pants with a wide belt that will emphasize the waistline and emphasize the flat stomach. Made of flexible, stretchable materials, the pants provide comfort during sports activities. The most fashionable models are the ones with colorful patterns on a black background. A wide range of sports leggings is available at luwos.co.uk. It is worth to familiarize yourself with the collection that offers comfortable exercise pants.

Casual leggings
If you like a sporty look every day, nothing prevents you to incorporate leggings into casual stylizations. Currently, many models are available on the market. Various colors, interesting designs and various materials give a lot of scope, allowing you to create original combinations. It is worth noting that leggings are no longer associated only with sportswear - today we can see them on the streets in everyday outfits. They are also ideal for a walk or a getaway outside the city. Leggings have been very popular again for some time, so it's worth having them in your wardrobe. If you are not convinced of patterned models outside the gym, go for the classic ones - in black. Combined with a long tunic or dress, they help create a loose, urban outfit.

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What to combine leggings with?
Depending on the nature of the stylization we are going to create, we can combine leggings with various elements of the wardrobe. The sports version with designs looks best with a subdued top. Every day, we usually choose smooth black models. They are extremely versatile, so we can create them both casual styling and more elegant. Unfortunately, leggings perfectly highlight all the shortcomings of the figure, which is why each roller is even more visible in them. There is a reason why it is best to combine them with tunics, dresses and longer sweaters. Such combinations will be perfect for meeting friends, shopping and even as a work outfit. Interestingly, sports shoes and ... heels harmonize best with leggings. If you care about an elegant and stylish outfit, black heels will be a great complement to the stylization!